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Layer to SendBird Migration

Since Layer announced it will shut down its chat service on October 30, we’ve created a set of resources to make it easy for businesses and developers to migrate their chat provider without ...
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Migrating chat made easy with Sync Server

Introduction Part of the challenge of migrating from one chat provider to another is not having a live migration solution ready. Building a live migration solution can be costly in terms of time and ...
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Implementing Single Sign-on (SSO) for a product dashboard

SSO offers a user the ability use a single credential to allow access to several inter-related or integrated systems of software. Given that companies use 16 SaaS applications on average, it is clear ...
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Introducing the new SendBird Docs page

We’re very excited to announce that the SendBird Documentation is now redesigned, up-to-date, and even more intuitive.   Every month, thousands of individual developers and customers use our ...
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Product Comparison: SendBird Chat and Messaging vs. Layer

When searching for an in-app chat and messaging SDK, you might compare SendBird and Layer's chat. Although Layer is an older company than SendBird, their improvements in technology have not matched ...
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Product Comparison: SendBird vs. Pusher's Chatkit

SendBird and Pusher's Chatkit are two solutions companies might consider for building chat and messaging into an application. Pusher is a generic real-time infrastructure and Chatkit is currently one ...
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SendBird Feature Update - July 11, 2018

Our engineers have been hard at work adding a ton of new features, but, unfortunately, you may not have known it because the features haven’t always been updated in our documentation. We’re changing ...
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Live chat customer support: SendBird Desk or LivePerson or Nuance

Active engagement with your customers at the right time is now a key for sales, marketing, and delivering a great user experience. With live chat customer support you can engage customers at key ...
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SendBird or PubNub - Complete Chat Service or Data Stream Network

SendBird or PubNub are two good solutions for building chat and messaging into your application. Both offer a complete chat framework, including chat API, various messaging SDKs, and the chat ...
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How to choose between SendBird and Firebase

SendBird endorses Proof of Concept (POC) comparisons There’s no better comparison than the one you and your team conduct independently. SendBird thinks it’s essential to develop first-hand experience ...
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