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Chatbot platform tools - The messaging and bot interface, Part 1

There are a lot of chatbot platforms for building and developing chatbots. But the next step - where you place your chatbot - is an often ignored consideration. Every chatbot needs a messaging ...
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Conversational banking - How KB is shaping the future of banking

How did a seemingly small idea - replacing SMS with IP-messaging in a banking app for a developing country - lead to the fundamental transformation of digital banking built on chat as a platform?
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SendBird Feature Update - July 11, 2018

Our engineers have been hard at work adding a ton of new features, but, unfortunately, you may not have known it because the features haven’t always been updated in our documentation. We’re changing ...
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Echelon Asia Summit 2018: Flying Startups into the Future

Last week, SendBird's APAC team travelled from Seoul to Singapore, a city-state as beautiful as it is humid. I had visited Singapore just over a month earlier, for the Tech in Asia conference. This ...
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How messaging could revolutionize online real estate marketplaces

Online real estate marketplaces are entering the on-demand economy. Communication will have to travel at the speed of consumer demand, so that real estate could capture leads at their highest intent ...
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Importance of Messaging for Online Marketplaces

For online marketplaces, messaging has become a pivotal component for logistics, communication, retention, sales and customer support. While some companies have transitioned to integrating their ...
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Live chat customer support: SendBird Desk or LivePerson or Nuance

Active engagement with your customers at the right time is now a key for sales, marketing, and delivering a great user experience. With live chat customer support you can engage customers at key ...
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Push notifications - In app messaging or SMS?

Push notifications powered by an in app chat and messaging platform are often compared to SMS. But comparing them directly is like comparing apples to oranges. This article discusses SMS and its ...
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Tech In Asia 2018: Reflecting on SendBird in Southeast Asia

SendBird, over the past year, made a concerted effort to grow its presence in Southeast Asia. We heard rumblings of the great tech scene in the region and knew that some of the most innovative ...
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Customers Stories: Eden - The Office Services Marketplace

Eden.io is an office services marketplace that directly connects office managers to the best services for the office. Since launching its new product with SendBird in January, Eden has grown to serve ...
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