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Build vs Buy: Build chat from scratch or jump start with a chat API and SDK

  You’ve been thinking about building chat in your application, and you’re trying to decide if you should build your own chat from the ground up or utilize a chat API or SDK to build your chat.
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Elasticache for Python production payloads, or How we learned to stop worrying and love HAProxy

 At SendBird, we rely on Redis not only to cache objects from our SQL database but also to act as a primary data store for transient objects like a user's online status. To the platform team, the ...
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Sessions you don’t want to miss at AWS re:Invent 2018

Next week is the long-awaited AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas and, in its 7th iteration, it promises to be huge! It spans 7 properties on the Las Vegas strip - from the MGM Grand to the Aria - and AWS ...
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Virgin Mobile UAE on track to fully digitize customer support using SendBird

Since Virgin Mobile UAE is a fully digital brand, its goal is to deliver the best customer experience to its customers through a fully digital and, ultimately, extremely convenient support product. ...
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Why Online Communities and their users are seeking real-time chat

Online communities are confronting an interesting problem: how to defend against messaging apps like Slack and Discord, while maintaining the core of their community activity - typically forum ...
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In-app messaging for on-demand apps: Transparent communication on demand

In an ideal situation, the on-demand experience requires little communication. There’s no waiting, no mistakes on an order, no software or technical issues, no traffic, no miscommunication - ...
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How in-app messaging can help marketplaces achieve liquidity

Since connecting supply-side and demand-side is the fundamental task of marketplaces, it’s easy to see why in-app messaging complements this market so well. Nothing else so directly connects and ...
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Product Comparison: SendBird Chat and Messaging vs. Layer

When searching for an in-app chat and messaging SDK, you might compare SendBird and Layer's chat. Although Layer is an older company than SendBird, their improvements in technology have not matched ...
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Product Comparison: SendBird vs. Pusher's Chatkit

SendBird and Pusher's Chatkit are two solutions companies might consider for building chat and messaging into an application. Pusher is a generic real-time infrastructure and Chatkit is currently one ...
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SendBird Granted ISO 27001 Certification

SendBird is proud to announce that we have been granted the ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certification. This certification demonstrates SendBird’s commitment to maintaining and improving our information ...
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